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Photo Editing & Restoration:

This image shows photo manipulation and blending of several beloved pets, two of which are in heaven. The employees of a company combined their efforts and had this done for the owner of the business. They snuck into her storage areas at Christmas time when the pictures were off the walls and got them to me to scan. I took it from there. This is a very large poster- and she loved it.

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Have an ink mark or a tear over grandma's lace collar or sleeve? Discoloration perhaps? Are there chips and cracks in an old photo?

The original picture above was about 35 years old and quite discolored.  The images were extracted and the color enhanced, then were given a new background.

From This
To This
Before and After
From Three pictures to One

Backgrounds can be replaced, as in those shown here.  Individual pictures can be combined and blended into one photo.

The simple drawing of a family crest below was enhanced for displaying on various backgrounds.

Sample of Blended Photo
Two separate photos, plus a log from a third, became the blend at the far right.
This was given as a surprise in a frame, at which time he said
"I don't remember that photo being taken."


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