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Theatre Slide Show Advertising:

For Advertising in Theatres that Still Show
Hometown Slides Before and After the Show
Theatre slides- a Powerful and Cost Effective Way to Advertise! Your Theatre Slide needs a dynamic layout that will get your message across within approximately 6-8 seconds.
Therefore, most of your message should be displayed with powerful photos and just enough text to get your prospective customer to call you. There is a one-time design and production fee to make the slide. Theatres then charge a monthly fee for display on their screens. See samples and pricing below.
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This powerful way of advertising is also one of the most cost effective. There is a one-time cost for the development and production of the slide. Theatre display prices vary so check with your local theatre. (At the time of this writing the Payson Sawmill Theatre charges $60.00 per month to place your slide on all six screens during intermissions. Prices are subject to change.)

Computer Creations Theatre Slide design service includes design and development of slides. When you consider the cost per exposure of alternative advertising methods this one really makes sense.

When your slide layout draft is done you can adjust it, add to it or change it as you wish. The proof will not be made into a slide until your final approval is received.

Pricing is as follows:

Theatre Slide Layout/Design, Development and Production for up to 12 slides: $149.00

Additional options:

Changes made after processing has been finished.
Of course processing will have to be done again as well.
  Changes to text only:
  Changes to final design: by the hour- minimum 1/4 hr.
$45.00 hr.
  Processing of slides only, if given
production ready digital file:

Photos: It is preferable that the photos you submit be "image ready," that is; they must be of good quality, good color and ready to view as professional images. They can be either regular photos or digital images. We can work with photos that aren't perfect, but based on the time involved to improve them an additional fee may be charged.

LOGO DEVELOPMENT: If you need a Logo developed for your business and would like to use it on your theatre slide we can do that. The cost for logo development will be charged separately at $45 per hour.


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